Western Chief Hello Kitty Rain Boots


Hello Kitty is under license to Sanrio Co. Ltd.

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The way kids look at puddles; the wetter the better. When the rain rolls in, Western Chief Kids’ colorful and fanciful rain gear will keep them happy and dry.

There is something magical about the bond kids’ form with our characters. Once a kid puts on their Western Chiefs rainwear, they will never want to take them off, not even at bedtime! With our Western Chief Kids rain boots, no matter the weather, they will be able to wear their beloved characters…and with a big smile.

Our Western Chief’s Hello Kitty rain boots will have them looking like the ‘cat’s meow’ as they make their way in the rain. This child’s boot is made of 100 percent natural rubber with two handles which makes it easy for kids to pull them on and off. These rain boots are very easy to clean and care for with just soap and water.

Our Hello Kitty rain boots are designed to be worn together with matching Hello Kitty raincoat and umbrella. As a set, they will add color to any grey day. AVAILABLE IN SIZES 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,1and 2. Order the size indicated in our boot fitting chart, link below:


    • Constructed of 100 percent natural rubber for long wear
    • Two handles make it easy for kids to pull them on and off.
    • Our rain boots are design to be worn without shoes


Size to order: Order the size indicated in our fitting chart, link below:


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